Building Information Modeling (BIM)

While they may be today's construction buzz words, Building Information Modeling is not a new concept to the employees of Renick Brothers. Our project teams have been using advanced, computer-aided coordination tools for decades, facilitating a streamlined approach to deliver mechanical system installations of the highest quality, on schedule, at the lowest possible cost.

Renick Brothers has used 3D CAD and MEP design software platforms to model, coordinate and fabricate mechanical systems for over 20 years. Advances in software technology over the last 10 years have increased our ability to further integrate the use of these tools into our business processes, as well as communicate ideas and opportunities with other project stakeholders in real-time. With access to the industry's most advanced BIM tools, our project teams collaborate with other project stakeholders to effectively coordinate the most efficient and cost effective mechanical systems. Once completed, project teams utilize the coordinated, clash-free model to extract installation shop drawings and fabrication drawings for multiple field applications. Sheet metal Ductwork downloads, plumbing and piping isometrics, and hanger drawings are just a few examples of how our project teams use the final model to prefabricate items for installation. This prefabrication aids in moving labor to our off-site fabrication facilities, further reducing field installation time, and working to improve overall schedule durations.

Our professional BIM technicians, led by our BIM manager, are experienced in designing and coordinating mechanical and plumbing systems for multiple applications and industries, with the versatility to handle projects of any type. Whether it's a complex healthcare facility, or a mechanical room retrofit, Renick Brothers experienced technicians, designers, and field personnel utilize BIM technologies to facilitate design, coordination, fabrication and installation.

Let us lead and facilitate your BIM project coordination effort. As a mechanical contractor, our BIM technicians are highly skilled in space management, with a deep understanding of the coordination process. Our seasoned project teams can lead your project to a successful, coordinated, clash-free and completed model.